MURASAKI Cosmetic (2020)

紫 MURASAKI  a skincare brand with Japanese sensibility and fashion sense. Our product line offers the perfect solution skincare that praises the simplicity of rare natural beauty! We wanted to link the product with the brand through the naming "MURASAKI", which means purple. Just like the idiom ‘Once in The Blue Moon’ from Western culture, 紫色の夕日(Murasaki no yuhi) - Purple Sunset also emphasizes the rare and precious moments - where the blueish-purple light ray with the shortest wavelength in the light color spectrum reflect on the orange/reddish sunset in Japanese culture.

All the products offered by the company are enriched with natural organic extracts and dermatologist tested. Minimalistic yet classy logotype that corresponds with the company's main values of clarity, beauty, and confidence. The packaging design is a combination of a clean, classic form, restricted color palette, and illustrations of mallow flower that associated with nobility feudal Japan's culture. The contrast between those elements creates a highly recognizable and modern look.