White Structure

Gregg Hertzlieb- Director/ Curator of  Brauer Museum of Art

Ms. Mac is an outstanding creative individual and an immensely skilled artist in graphic design. A number of her designs remain in circuit, promoting commencement ceremonies and International Programs at Valparaiso University.

Darryll Schiff - Fine Art Photographer.

  Her distinctive talent in graphic designs contributed to my studio’s national success and significantly drove attention to the unique design of my website she created.

Macon Reed, Multi-Medias Artist

As a multimedia artist myself, I understand the challenges when it comes to balancing each of one’s creative practices besides marketing one’s work in order to stand out in the vast and competitive art world. Ms. Mac has been able to reach a level of distinction that only a very narrow group of artists has been able to. She is especially famous for her use of deep and vibrant accent colors in her artworks.

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