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Co Ba Coffee (2020)

Co Ba Coffee is a new coffee start-up by Ms. Huong (aka Co Ba) from Hoi An, Vietnam who ambitiously wants to introduce Vietnamese food and especially coffee culture to the world. She also wants to break through the assumption that despite our coffee culture was influenced by French colonization in the past, we still have our own identity and creativity with our caffeinated beverages. We created a visual identity for the new brand based on introducing the authentic and unique egg coffee, part of Vietnamese culture for decades, but still very new to the rest of the world. The logo design is based on a minimalist image of Ms. Huong’s portrait. We used “Co Ba” a Vietnamese term for the second aunt in a Vietnamese family, as our brand name to symbolize the nostalgia of family bonds, cultural and community cohesion. Despite being a small-budget project, the brand has a strong identity reinforced through package design. I incorporated an illustration of a Vietnamese agricultural landscape where the coffee beans are cultivated into the overall look and shelf appeal of the design was The modern packaging integrated with the bold, flavorful coffee is meant to attract coffee drinkers on-the-go.