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 The body works emphasize nature beauties at the micro-level of ‘moist’ and reflect the artist’s playfulness with paint medium. Just like my earlier painting series, I want to push the boundaries between the world of Design with its structures, principles, functionality, and the Fine Art worlds of rawness, chaos, and freedom. I developed and incorporated new torching techniques to manipulate the movements, lines, and the density of the paint as parts of the whole composition. The early stage of the production was very time-consuming yet satisfying with the sensational details on the smallest canvas size that can be manufactured. ‘Irrigation’ mirrored Mac’s ambivalent and ambiguous perspective of the art world and the meaning of being an artist.
The series is currently a part of BE ** PART INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION- which is registered as Guinness World Records Exhibition featuring over 600 artists and over 20,000 artworks in Atelier Montez Gallery in Rome, Italy.
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