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“I see myself as a visionary painter who believes in changing the way people look at art with cross-over mediums and artistic genres" My Linh Mac


Mac has dedicated her artistic practice to transform living spaces with creative elemental compositions and playful color pallets and textures. The main subject matter in her oil paintings are still-life works which touch upon a plethora of cultural references including spirituality, healing, self-discovery, expanding consciousness, energetic connections and the sacredness of the creative spirit. Mac commits much of her time to further researching how to embed specific intentions and meanings in her paintings; based on understanding how art and symbolism have been used universally in the past and incorporated them into her modern and contemporary practices. It is important for her to provide her audiences with opportunities to explore and recognize a higher sense of self and personal reflection. Selected Oil-riginals allows Mac’s viewers a unique glimpse into the power of art and its role throughout the ages to express what words alone cannot. 


Each piece is an individual work with their own personalities from setting, composition and material/texture, to subject matters (which vary from feathers, paper, woodblocks to shiny/reflective orbs etc), but still remains cohesive as a series with consistent cross-over between fundamental elements of surreal, still-life portrait genres.


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