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Being born into a family with a legacy of traditional Eastern herbal medicine has helped shape my perception of Western practices and the use of acetaminophen pills as a solution for common problems within the human anatomy. I’ve witnessed in Western countries how accessible organic materials used in home remedies have been forgotten and replaced with pharmaceutical drugs. My work reflects on how people have become increasingly disconnected from nature due to busy consumer-oriented lifestyles and the consequent concerns of abusing artificial substances as a social norm within our modern society. It baffles me how even organic substances found in nature, like sugar and salt, are being replaced with artificial substances. Artificial Dose looks at this practice through a critical lens, revealing a haven path to herbal medicine, rooted within my culture.

My process begins within the traditional method of two-dimensional art, utilizing graphite on paper to sketch my composition. I follow this with a digital illustration rendered into 3D, where I manipulate the negative space after capturing the object’s interaction with light within the surrounding environment. The final product is printed with jet ink on an acrylic panel or plexiglass.  - My Linh Mac

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