RANBU (2019)






Mac's best-known painting series consists of over 70 pieces that have been acquired by many private collections, and residences in Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and across the United States. This non-brush painting series was inspired and named after a Japanese pop single "乱舞のメロディ(Ranbu No Merodi)" - Melody of the Wild Dance by SID. This body of work reflects the artist's playfulness with colors, pushing the boundaries between the world of design with its structures, principles, functionality and the fine art world of rawness, chaos, and freedom. With her multidisciplinary practice, Mac creates  Ranbu as an abstract and contemporary series. Ranbu was exhibited at Palette & Chisel Fine Arts Academy, RAW (Natural Born Artist)'s Stellar Chicago Showcase and Czong Institute of Contemporary Art (CICA) Museum this Fall. 


 "I found it fascinating that she did not use any paintbrushes to control her medium. Knowing her background with realistic/photographic-like works with oil, and a detail-oriented graphic designer, she deserves credit for her boldness, stepping out of her comfort zone of being in complete control of the medium to a fun and wild dance party on her canvas without her paintbrushes. It's truly refreshing! "

L.D-Private Collector, Hong Kong, 2018

"Pouring paint techniques are not new big discoveries for sure, we all have tried it before as painters, but to go this far with attention to details and presentation to make the final product look like a perfect piece of ceramic is a whole new level. I can tell she made a great investment on the presentation for the pieces as a strong designer and inventive artist."

A.M, Chicago Artist, 2019